New product marketing strategy for B2B SaaS Course

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New product marketing strategy for B2B SaaS Course

Predictable Innovation

You think you have a great product, but who and why would buy it from you now?

After marketing +200 B2B tech/SaaS products over 30 years, we've found that new product marketing strategy and launch planning are the key missing parts to accelerate P/M fit.

By clarifying your new product marketing strategy:

  1. Your market will get what you do, how you do it, to whom, and why they should buy from you now.
  2. You'll be known in your industry without spending thousands on ADS and "growth hacks".
  3. Your early adopters will find you.
  4. You won't waste money on marketing and sales investments not aligned with your market stage.
  5.  Product-market fit will be easier to achieve.
  6. You'll create a sustainable advantage by winning a specific market [because no matter how cool your tech is, it is easy to copy].

That's what we'll help you with during this 4-step course:

✅ Reveal the positioning strategy of the highest opportunity — which market category, segments, and applications provide you with a differentiated, credible, and relevant positioning to win?

✅ Focus your ideal customer profile [ICP] — Once revealed how you should compete, it's about clearly defining your target, category, differentiation, needs you to solve, credibility statements, and market context.

✅ Optimize your positioning messages — What messages should you use in your pitches and web to be seen as a different, relevant, and credible provider?

✅ Amplify your reach — What is the optimal product launch sequence that will get the support of your market and industry?

All illustrated with real-world tech case studies:

... with AI toolset to implement every step at x5 speed:

  • Notion AI
  • Humantic AI (find clients).
  • Fathom AI (record, and transcribe research calls)
  • Sparktoro (find your ecosystem of influencing players)
  • Dovetail (record and classify all your research information)
  • Wynter (ICP research and messaging testing)

... driven to action with a step-by-step workbook to building your new product marketing strategy as you learn

... and backed by the creators of the models of how humans accept and adopt innovations: Crossing The Chasm and Diffusion of Innovations.

Who is this course for?

  • You are a product-focused founder or CEO in B2B Tech/SaaS with an unclear target/audience, differentiators, and value proposition.
  • You're a product marketer or CMO in B2B Tech/SaaS pressured to launch an unproven new product.
  • You are a go-to-market or commercialization leader in B2B Tech/SaaS sick of launching products that return crickets.

What you'll get if you complete this course and the workbook?

✅ Clarity on where [segments/applications], how [product, messages], and why [differentiators, strengths, market ugency] you can sell more.

Along the course, you'll segment and score your market opportunities with an opportunity scoring method.

✅ A Definition of your Ideal Customer Profile

Define you ICP scenario with a mental model that describes the before and after. Detail you your customer pains, outcomes, and goals you are helping them achieve.

✅ Differentiated key positioning messages to stand out in your communications.

You'll build a differentiated messaging platform, including:

  • Problem Statement
  • Top competitors
  • Value Proposition
  • Differentiators — Why you?
  • Sense of urgency — Why now?
  • Credibility statements — Why should I trust you?
  • Positioning Statement

✅ A plan to validate your strategy or launch (depending on your stage)

You'll learn how to find and map the influencing ecosystem players in your market. Interview them to validate your strategy and product. Then, create an education strategy and launch sequence that incentives their support.

By doing this right, you'll get your market ready to amplify your launch, drive momentum and find early clients on your behalf.

✅ Faster time-to-market

We have put together proven mental models, tools, and specific B2B high-tech examples to give you higher speed and less uncertainty.

✅ Better informed decisions with the angle of Diffusion of Innovations and our proprietary methods on marketing for technology adoption.

Learn how to apply the Crossing The Chasm + Diffusion of Innovations models that predict how humans adopt innovations, categories are created, and buying decisions are made in tech - directly from the inventor of The Chasm model.

✅ All your strategy in a workbook to share with your team and drive internal alignment.

You'll complete all the previous outcomes in a workbook that you can share with your team, use as your north start or reutilize for your next product launches.

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What others say

Founders and go-to-market leaders have rated us a 10/10 at Maven.

Meet the instructors!

-> Warren Schirtzinger - Head of Client Strategies at Predictable Innovation.

Creator of The Chasm Marketing framework, popularized in Crossing The Chasm book.

Warren is a market strategy pioneer. He first observed and created "The Chasm" innovation-adoption model in 1989, later popularized in "Crossing The Chasm" book.

He is an expert in the Diffusion of Innovations applied to technology commercialization. Warren has developed launch and mainstream strategies for 200+ products over 30 years with his methods.

Warren has helped commercialize and position products for Apple, Adobe, and Honeywell, among other brands and startups.

-> Jose Bermejo - Managing Partner, Founder & Fractional Executive

Jose led go-to-market strategy, sales, business development, and partner teams as Chief Commercial Officer in the USA and Europe at B2B software companies achieving 120% growth < 3 years and x3 EBITDA.

Jose is an entrepreneur who pioneered a disruptive real estate model in Spain, digitalizing the traditional model. Now he consults and works as a fractional executive for B2B tech startups and new products in the USA through Predictable Innovation Strategy — the consulting boutique where Warren and Jose offer their services.

Jose is a lifelong learner of management and strategy, with an MBA from a top-3 business school and a Harvard Disruptive Strategy certification.

He loves [a part of crushing his workout] helping innovators, product marketers, and founders transform an idea into a profitable business. His life's mission is pushing human progress forward by helping innovations succeed.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you watch all the videos while completing the workbook assignments in 30 days or less and feel you don't have a clearer vision of your new product marketing strategy, we'll give you 100% money back.

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30-day money-back guarantee

If you watch all the videos while completing the workbook assignments in 30 days or less and feel you don't have a clearer vision of your new product marketing strategy, we'll give you 100% money back.

Last updated May 16, 2023

Here's what you'll unlock

Main course video tutorials [6h]
Templates [Workbook + Notion AI + Miro]
Mental models explained
Bonus Webinars
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